Get ready to launch: the unquantifiable action

I hear it anecdotally all the time but have no data....

Marisa, CG Studios

12/2/20212 min read

Hello, dear friend,

So you are getting ready to launch, relaunch, launch a new product, live-launch a new service and drive that energy and uptake in your offering.

It's truly a beautiful moment in your journey, and I'm genuinely excited for what is just around the corner for you. 🌟

As you know I specialise in personal branding photography for businesses that, just like you, are about to take on that next level or unlock something new in their brand. And the one thing my existing clients tell me is just how much their new images helped them build that professional and personal brand online that opened doors for them to grow their reputation, sell more, get in front of new prospects in ways they had never even dreamed.

One of my recent clients shared with me that after doubling down on her brand message and sharing more of their new personal branding images the doors really started opening for her. She was being invited to host conference panels for her industry, jump on more high profit podcasts than some of the ones she had been on previously, attracted more premium clients who were easy to work with and was genuinely able to increase her pricing as a result of her brand feeling more 'put together'.

And the bonus is that she was less inclined to question her own pricing because there was proof everywhere that she was sought after! Imposter Syndrome and doubt be gone!

And the think is, this sort of success can never be measured or attributed to one thing only or tracked to say that it was definitely her head shots that opened door. BUT, what I can say is the images in her gallery represent her, her vibe, her professionalism, but also her fun 100%.

And from what I know from my sqiullion years in marketing (:P not an actual number) is that when you make the person in the brand feel real - their images match the tone in their videos, matches the experience you have with their brand trust blossom and connection blooms.

Trust and connection are the two magic ingredients to easy client relationships, clients celebrating you through user generated content (UGC) and testimonials online for others to how much you are trusted and connected to. And this is the stuff that leaves a lasting impression of your brand in their prospects minds!

So if you are about to launch a new product or service, up-level your brand, let's start together with fresh personal branding images to elevate your brand.

With warmest regards,

Marisa xx