Embracing Your Brand Identity: The Gentle Power of a Marketing-Savvy Photographer

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Marisa - CG Studios

7/27/20232 min read

Dear friend,

As we navigate the intricate world of entrepreneurship, making our own rules, inspired by others, but still forging ahead to create our own path, we enjoy the fruits of having a distinct brand identity that reflects the very essence of our businesses. And let's be honest, for solo-preneurs a lot of the time, our brand identity is linked to our own values and vibe. We want our ventures to shine brightly amidst the competition, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those we serve.

In so many of my recent photo shoots and collaborations, I have really flexed into my marketing skillset to help clients land their unique brand identity and celebrate it visually in their personal branding photos leaving them feeling a huge sigh of relief. Like meeting themselves for the first time.

In our quest to unveil the soul of our businesses, it can be really challenging to see ourselves, our business impact without the right people around us to remind us of the areas we shine. The areas that we find easy and help illuminate the value of them for others.

We need someone who sees beyond the surface, delving into the dreams and aspirations that fuel our bold dreams. And it has been my absolutely pleasure to capture the depth and soul of my clients brands.

As humans who pour our hearts into our businesses, we yearn to share our stories authentically. We want to create a genuine emotional bond with our audience, making them feel like cherished friends on this journey with us. Because we do actually cherish them!

Here are some things I look to do with my clients to draw out that strong brand identity for my personal branding photography clients:

Weaving brand stories: I look for way to weave brand identity and stories through visuals first by truly understanding my clients brand and how they resonate with the deepest corners of their clients and customers hearts. Each scene or section of the shoot becomes a chapter unlocking different aspects of the brand. This ensures the images feel natural and authentic for the brand but also that they have longevity with online social media content.

Consistency: Probably the most overused word in Marketing, but for good reason. When things consistently feel, sound and look like they are coming from the same person or identity, they feel like truth. They are easier for ideal customers to wrap a bow around who we are. I help deliver consistency though consistent editing and helping to choose a location that feels like the HQ of your brand. This way I can help to develop a harmonious visual branding strategy that echoes our brand's essence.

Connection driving content: In a digital world where content is queen, we yearn to create meaningful connections with our audience. We seek to nurture a collective of loyal supporters who champion our brand with passion and purpose. I understand the profound significance of visual content helping you to grow your business through marketing.

I love that by employing these principles I can help clients gain more than connection focussed visuals and discover a profound understanding of their target audience.

With love and support,

Marisa xx

CG Studios is a Melbourne based photographer specialising in Personal Branding photography and helping brands tap into their uniqueness through their personal branding images.

Woman dancing on Point Addis beach in personal branding photos by Leslie Carvitto
Woman dancing on Point Addis beach in personal branding photos by Leslie Carvitto