Capturing Confidence

The secret of how one photo can be the catalyst for growing your dream business

Marisa | CG Studios

8/15/20232 min read

As a kid, I loved to draw and paint (yes, like most kids I was creative), but let's just say while my skills were still developing, there was a considerable gap between my 'art' and what my parents were excited to display on the fridge and walls.

I went to school only to discover that the things I loved most drawing and painting I was average at best compared to other children. I would hear my parents and teachers talk about other kids as being creative and artistic - but not me. So I kept working at improving my drawings until one day I was given a sticker on my work for creating a great drawing. I still remember the pride of it and having that external validation that I was creating 'good art'.

From there I felt like I could keep working on my drawings and explore other creative projects like writing (which I loved). All because having that sticker and kinds words were like a permission slip of legitimacy to 'be creative'.

Now as adults and particularly adults in business, our clients praise is great but we have to give ourselves the permission to be in business, and we create tools that open up opportunity to continue our growing our businesses.

Having professional photos is just one of those tools. It shows you mean business, that it is a serious venture and you want your clients to see you - the real, authentic but also shiny version of you. It shows you invest in yourself and the confidence you get from this gives other people confidence to invest in you.

Confidence emerges as the cornerstone of success. Every step, every decision, and every interaction requires a steadfast belief in oneself and the value you bring to the table. As a photographer, I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact that professional brand photos can have on cultivating that essential confidence in business owners to step into opportunities they would have only dreamt of previously.

The high profile podcast interview that put them in front of more of their ideal clients when they were excited to listen. The PR opportunity off the back of an activation that got them the newspaper article. The regular column opportunity for an influential online publication that further reinforced their authority.

I'm not saying that the images landed them these opportunities. I'm saying that having professional brand images gave them the confidence to take action knowing their brand felt more premium and had grown to a point where their message and services was of huge value to those receiving it.

In a world where perception is paramount, having professional brand photos isn't just a luxury; it's an investment in your self-belief, and by extension, your business's success. It's a testament to your commitment and the unwavering trust you have in the dream you create daily.

Marisa xx